Fire Starters

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Campfire Starter

Do I use the entire Zippo Campfire Starter?

The Zippo Campfire Starter is scored so it can be broken apart and used to build up to four campfires. Place the unused portion inside a resealable bag to keep your camp pack tidy.

Do I buy them individually?

Zippo Campfire Starters are available in a convenient refill pack of 8 or individually.

Emergency Fire Starter Kit

The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter looks like a lighter. Is it? Does it use lighter fluid?

The Emergency Fire Starter may look like a lighter, but it is not. Because it is designed to work without lighter fluid, it is always ready. It uses waxed tinder sticks as the fuel. The reliable flint wheel ignition easily lights the water-resistant waxed Tinder Sticks. Keep it in a handy location for emergencies.

How do I light a fire using the Emergency Fire Starter Kit?

Remove a waxed Tinder Stick from the kit. Fray the end of the Tinder Stick. Place with the wood you want to ignite. You must have kindling (small, dry sticks) and other small pieces of wood. Ignite the Tinder Stick in the kindling and other wood using by placing the flint wheel cartridge near the Tinder Stick and spinning the flint wheel to shoot sparks at the Tinder Stick.

Can I buy more Tinder Sticks?

Replacement Tinder Sticks are available in a convenient refill pack of 4.